This single page site is here to get you started right away, supporting your clients with what you do best and getting paid for it!

All you’ll need is a very short bio, telling your prospects a bit of your background, how you support your clients and specially showing them the final results they’ll get from working with you.

For instance…… my support to you?

To get you up and running in no time with your services and receiving money for it!  A “place” where you can send people to check out your offers and start receiveing money right away. No more wondering around what to do after you first meet a potetial client or sending booking links and PayPal money request via emails or Facebook messages!

Excited to help you prople your first clients! ♥


Once payment is processed you’ll be redirected to my calendar where you can choose the most convenient time for our session. All sessions are recorded and sent to you, and, they can be done over the phone or Skype.

Energy Session

A reading of your energy field where we will work togther with your Higher Self, the Collective of Light, Archangelic Realm and Ascended Masters.
In the session we will access your Akashic records, read your entire energetic field to help you gain clarity and attune to higher vibrations, working on physical, mental, emotional bodies to assist transmute energetic patterns that create dis-ease in the body for permanent healing.
We’ll remove energy blocks, hidden contracts and karma affecting your life give you clarity and accelerate your spiritual expansion.

Duration: 30mins
Price: $88

Spiritual Coaching

You can be coached on any aspect of your life that you may need assistance in a very intuitive format.
We’ll look at all aspects of yourself in a more holistic approach to coaching, emphasis on the mental and emotional bodies. This session will help you overcome blocks and indetify “blind spots” in your life.
You will get clarity, improve your awareness and build more confidence on the steps ahead in all forms of relationships in your life.
Duration: 60mins
Price: $122

Guided Meditation

Daily using that meditation designed to your needs with decrease irritability  and tiredness, improve your sleep and focus, and overall hlep your balance and well-being.
A session where we will customize a meditation tailored to your energy and needs.
Duration: 60mins
Price: $88