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Sales Insights Lab

Site Layout, Styling & Membership Area Development

The Goal:

Marc is a Sales Speaker & Published Author who needed an updated Membership Site to host his already active Sales Program. A new and important feature of the site was now having the ability to sell and deliver the program to various companies and their teams.


The Final Product + Optimization:

The initial launch hosted his current program sold to individuals as well as the already planned expansion to teams within companies.
On the user experience, the site provides a personalized experience where a specific learning track is defined for each user. For individuals, the track is based upon the initial onboarding quiz results and for companies it is defined according to their specific team’s needs. This combined with a credit system that accumulate points as they complete the multiple courses and unlocks levels of certificates, gives all Marc’s Sales Lab members a premium and unique experience.

In his words

“Raine has been amazing. Our business is killing in large part to her work. Since the launch, about 2 months ago, we’ve completely blown past our revenue expectations for what we’ve built”

Marc Wayshak

Sales Speaker & Published Author | Founder, Sales Insights Lab | SalesInsightsLab.com