Success Stories

“I wanted someone who understood the online business world. That was really important to me because not every web designer does.”

I needed someone to build my membership site, which is a BIG project & the thought of having to figure it all out was so daunting & overwhelming. I haven’t always had the best luck with web designers.

I wanted someone who understood the online business world. That was really important to me because not every web designer does, which was part of the problem I had in the past when it came to finding the right fit for my project.

I also needed someone I could trust to bring my vision to life without me having to micromanage the project.

Raine was all of that & more. She’s proactive, thorough & fast! I can tell her the end result that I want & she makes it happen.

She catches problems before they even happened & always makes me feel 1000% secure that things will be taken care of so I never have to worry. When I’m working with her I’m able to relax & have more time & energy to focus on other things. I can’t recommend her enough!”



“If you have the chance to work with Raine, take it!”

Susan Ferraro

Mindset Coach, Psychic Medium & Creator of the EASE-Y DOES IT™ |

“If you are on the fence about hiring Raine…. you are crazy! Work with her! Raine was absolutely incredible – I plan to work with her for many projects in the future!”

Adam LoDolce

Founder of Sexy Confidence |

“Raine has such a unique skill set – she’s creative and fun yet has a whip-smart business savvy.”

Raine has such a unique skill set – she’s creative and fun yet has a whip-smart business savvy.
And she is so full of ideas and inspiration!

Raine gave me valuable insight not just about my opt-in, but my site and brand in general. 

She really took time to evaluate everything about my site, what I have to offer, and how best to represent myself so my ideal clients and I can find each other. Win-win.

Also, she is super fun and have a positive attitude. Always a joy! I would recommend Raine to anyone looking for clarity on how to get their unique brand UNDERSTOOD by their ideal clients.

Kari  Samuels

Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach |

“I can’t understand why anyone would struggle when they can have Raine on their team.”

I was feeling embarrassed in a big way about my website! It didn’t reflect me and I didn’t want anyone to see it… and I didn’t have the technical knowledge or the patience to build my own site.

I didn’t know how to get the style I wanted out of my head into words so that someone could build my site for me. I had no clue about funnels or anything like that….

Working with Raine was so easy. I speak garbled language and attempt to share my ideas and she came back having translated it into something tangible. Something that looks so like me, I couldn’t believe it.

I also loved that she believed in my bigger vision, my why. It made me feel super supported. I have aligned to a business I love.
I’d recommend Raine to anyone who needs a website and has no idea about sales funnels, design or anything else. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to articulate exactly what  you want because Raine will translate it and create something a million times better anyway!!

Raine is quick and fabulous – I can’t understand why anyone would struggle when they can have her on their team. I love her!

Laura Powner

Business Strategist |

“I now feel more confident in my online presence and I love my site! “

I was concerned this would be similar to other times when I would go through the motions about my business but stay stuck. I was feeling depressed, defeated, ashamed, avoiding it, procrastinating, frustrated….but still wanting to do it.

I wasn’t clear about who my audience was or who I really wanted to “hang out” with in my business. I had been trying to get excited about something I thought would be a good idea, but wasn’t really targeting who I enjoyed working with. So I had been starting things and not finishing them because I wasn’t excited about it but didn’t even realize it.

We really talked things through. Raine seemed to know how to break things down into really digestible bites for me to handle and complete. I never felt rushed or pushed to do something other than what was in alignment with me. Raine was super flexible in every possible way. She always made sure things were very clear and that I felt good about everything we were doing. Raine seemed to have a sense of just how much would be overwhelming to me and she didn’t let it get to that.

I now feel more confident in my online presence and I love my site!

I also know more ways to build an audience and get my message out there. I don’t feel like I’m trying to be a know-it-all because I want to reach teachers….I feel like I am creating a community and I’m excited about it.

I would recommend Raine to someone who needs to get clear and on purpose with their business and has no idea how to get started. She takes her clients on a step by step journey and as a result I learned so much about myself along the way. We really built it up from the idea. I also like her design sense and ideas and how she listens so that we can work together.

Loved working with Raine! 🙂

Danielle O’Connell

Pilates Teacher|

Your turn now!

“Raine completely understood my vision. She is a genius at taking what’s in your head and not only creating it but making it so much better!”

Tiamo De Vettori

CEO/Founder, Musicpreneur Academy
Music Prosperity Mentor|

“Raine has been amazing. Our business is killing in large part to her work. Since the launch, about 2 months ago, we’ve completely blown past our revenue expectations for what we’ve built”

Marc Wayshak

Sales Speaker & Published Author | Founder, Sales Insights Lab |


“I feel my Membership website is in really good hands!”

I knew there was a lot more I could do with my business but just couldn’t do it all myself anymore. I was feeling stuck! Raine just seemed to ‘get’ me and my business from the outset.

I love her enthusiasm and excitability but I think what’s even more important for me is her excellent marketing knowledge and computer programming skills. Plus she is extremely organized, efficient and able to keep a creative person like me on track! I didn’t think it was possible to be very creative and incredibly focussed but she is!

I feel my Membership website is in really good hands! I have been able to relax a lot more now that I know there is always someone reliable in the background making sure things get done. I look forward to many years ahead of working with Raine on this and future projects. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to set up a Membership website… or any website for that matter!

Pauline McArthur

Funky Friends Factory |


“I feel like I can build on what Raine has created – further funnels, consistent blog posts.”

I knew I needed my website to be done. I started but couldn’t get it completed — I wasn’t seeing all that it needed.

I was concerned about being able to afford all the things Raine does as part of her web package.

She is really good at what she does and she provides a thorough service. The organizational aspect was great and she gives lots of tutorials.

I feel like I can build on what Raine has created – further funnels, consistent blog posts. I really value the work she did and appreciate it.

Holly Vincent

Intuitive, Healer and Angelic Channel Communicator |

“I was absolutely blown away with how much I gained out of my session with Raine”

I am almost kicking myself for not doing it sooner, but I am feeling way too excited and empowered for regrets!

I was really impressed by the way Raine instantly understood my business, niche and customers, which meant that everything she advised really hit the mark and resonated with me as the right course of action.

I walked away with an incredibly long list of tips, tricks and ideas for optimising my website homepage, growing my email list and engaging my subscribers. The tips were all really clear, practical and achievable – I implemented 3 of them immediately after our call, and had new email subscribers within hours! I feel like the success of my business is absolutely possible and it’s only a matter of when, not if.

I loved Raine’s warm, bright and open-hearted vibe and nature, she made me feel incredibly comfortable and it was almost like chatting and business brainstorming with an old friend! I would recommend Raine to anyone who wants to give their website and business a boost – even if you feel like you know a lot already. I was amazed how much I didn’t know, even after reading so many articles and doing courses.

Raine really helped bridge the gap between the information I’d read, and applying and implementing it to my specific website and business. She is a gem!


Writer and Happiness Guru |