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Musicpreneur Academy

Branding, Site Layout, Styling & Membership Area Development

The Goal:

Tiamo is a prolific musician and speaker who needed a Membership Site to host his initial 12-month program as well as having the foundation to expand and add future courses.


The Launch + Expansion:

The initial launch hosted the 12-month drip program with three different levels. All order forms happen inside the Member’s Area with strategically placed upsells on each. Over time a 10 Module course was added, a High Level Mastermind, as well as an affiliate program.

In his words

“I was able to launch my course much sooner than normal.

Before the VIP day format, there was a lot of back and forth communication which took a good amount of time. There were many moving parts, and sometimes I would lose track of tasks and what Raine needed from me. I would also forget certain elements and things would fall through the cracks on my end. I also felt overwhelmed at times, even though Raine was doing most of the work.

I loved the feeling of just getting everything done in one day, not having gaps of time in between sessions, and things felt very organized, tight, and really productive. Not only did this free up my time and stress, but I was able to launch my course much sooner than normal. I was peaceful and relaxed well before launching my course, which was a first!

It helped me to feel ready, and my team loved that everything was in place and they didn’t have to tie up loose ends because Raine had already tested everything before the VIP day ended.

I felt a sense of confidence that the course would run smoothly, and that my new customers would have a really great experience. Because of this, I feel I can launch more products and courses, which will lead to greater revenue.

I loved how while Raine was working on my site during the VIP day, if she needed anything, I just got notified on Trello and responded. It was an amazing feeling to be able to work on other unrelated projects on my end while Raine was working on my site. The amount that Raine and I actually had to communicate that day was minimal, and it was a very freeing feeling!

She got a lot more done than I expected and went beyond our goals for the day!

Everyone business owner should have a “Raine” in their life!  She cares, she is efficient , and she delivers high quality work. If other entrepreneurs want to get more done in less time and money with high quality work, then this is the perfect model for them.”

Tiamo DiVetori

CEO/Founder, Musicpreneur Academy, Music Prosperity Mentor | MusicpreneurAcademy.com