🤨🙅🏻When your sales page works against you

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🚨 The other day I saw one of those common mistakes business owners do that you need to be aware of so you don’t fall for it either.

I was about to buy a program online from a person that I’ve been following for a long time.

That program is evergreen {meaning it is open for enrollment year-round} but she only promotes it once in a while.

I’ve seen her talking about it before so I knew what the program was about however this time…

🏆⭐It felt like the program was created for me, and for me only!

You know when you get so much clarity on who your people are, what they need, how you can help them and you reflect that exact clarity on every word of your copy? That’s what was happening there.

👉🏼 Now, what is interesting here is that I’ve seen her selling that program before, many times. I’ve alway thought it was an interesting program but not THAT interesting or needed for me to actually sign up for it.

💵 This time though, I couldn’t click through the links fast enough.

I was *ready* to hit that buy button!

Yet as I clicked through and landed on her sales page and started reading it, that same feeling from before came through of “mmmmm, this is cool… but I am not sure about it. I’ll think about it.”

And so I closed the window and went on with my day.

🤨 What happened there?
👉🏼 Her site’s copy was not up to speed with her new positioning, new approach and new language she was using in her socials. It was not reflecting that deep understanding of her client she was showing in the socials.

And so when I, a potential client, who was so resonating with the offer that couldn’t wait to join in, clicked through one platform to the other, I started wondering how it wasn’t feeling for me anymore and it all fell flat.

🚨And this , is such a common mistake I see business owners doing out there.👇🏼

They learn and fine tune their message A LOT through interactions on the socials and from feedback from actual students but the sales page never reflects that progress. And that old initial {most likely stiff} copy never gets to be adjusted.

That’s where the dissonance happened. A potential client {me!} went from a “she’s taking to me, she knows me. I need this!” perception to a “oh ok, cool… maybe later”.

A sales page working against our business is not what we are in for!

🌟 So take the time , use all that new found clarity and understanding of your offer and your clients to update your sales page -- have it match where your program is at, where your clients are at so all the sweat, tears and efforts you are putting on promoting your program, does not fall flat when people land in your sales page.


📌Remember that sites are not static.

They are far from being a “set and done” kind of thing. They will move and change according to your business flow and evolution. And that includes, in special, the sales pages of your programs and services.

🎀 A side note in case you feel too discouraged with the *perceived* amount of work to update your site >> you don’t need a complete revamp to keep your site up to date. If your design and layout have been strategic from the beginning, all you will have to do is fine tune your copy and change key elements throughout. Your copy being the most important here {this coming from a designer so you know it’s real 😉 } See what new language you have been putting out there and bring it into your site. Use the words your clients actually use {even if you’d have chosen more elaborate and formal ones} and see the difference it will make!

👉🏼 Now, if your site and sales page were *not* designed in a supportive and strategic layout, I am here for you! Your site is THE most reliable and solid marketing tool you have and we are not sleeping on it, are we? 😉

🗓️Let’s talk ways to improve it!

Talk soon,

Hey love! I’m Raine 👋🏼

Your Webdesigner + Marketing Secret Weapon.

Understanding the ins-n-outs of online businesses doesn’t need to be hard. Specially for creative and passion-lead service providers. I promise you that exactly because you believe so deeply in your work, is why online marketing, business strategies and the techy pieces of them get to be easy and a natural extension of your business.

Don’t believe me? Stick around and I’ll show you how! 👇🏼


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